Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review - The Panasonic Lumix TZ60 could well be the most complete travel compact to date. We dig a bit deeper in our full review...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Panasonic Lumix TZ60

Overall score:90%
Image Quality:85%


  • EVF addition; Wi-fi performance; Build Quality: Raw capture


  • Aggressive noise reduction; EVF a touch underspecified


Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review


Price as reviewed:


Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review – Performance and Value

Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review - top down

The Panasonic TZ60 features some improvements in terms of focusing speeds, with Panasonic making particular claims about AF performance at the tele end of the zoom.

At shorter focal lengths speeds are as prompt as ever, and right up to around 500mm this speed is maintained. However, while AF speeds are improved at the real far end of the zoom it’s still a touch sluggish, especially in low light conditions.

In terms of start-up and operational speed, the Venus Engine Processor does a great job of keeping things prompt in this department, with the TZ60 certainly being no slouch here.

The model’s LCD screen is certainly bright enough, although it’s definitely welcome that the screen is coupled with a reasonable EVF. With a resolution of around 200k it’s not really well enough specified to check manual focus, it’s a welcome addition to the camera’s specification.

Value for Money

With a launch price of £349, the TZ60 is priced a touch higher than the TZ40 was at launch. However, with the addition of an electronic viewfinder and several other specification enhancements you can certainly say that the slight price increase is justified.

Although at that price the TZ60 is up against some fairly stiff camera competition, on the whole it delivers on its promise of being one of the best travel cameras on the market.

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