The Nikon Coolpix L100: with 15x optical zoom, is this chunky superzoom the perfect compact for shooting from afar? Mike Lowe investigates...

Product Overview

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Nikon Coolpix L100

Overall score:76%
Image Quality:80%


  • Nikon L100 pros: Easy to use, has much needed VR image stabilisation, lens is good quality for this level and a large 3in screen is always a bonus


  • Nikon L100 cons: No manual ISO control, noisy and soft “Hi ISO” option limits to 3MP, Macro mode ill-effective, AA batteries at a £240 price point may not be for everyone.


Nikon Coolpix L100 Review


Price as reviewed:


Image Quality & Value For Money

Nikon L100 Image Quality

The L100’s lens is, for this price point, top quality as far as compacts go. There is no light fall-off and only a hint of chromatic aberration, making for detailed prints at A4 and beyond. Under dim light the usually ‘fair’ grain does get notably more prominent, amplified by the stunted 3-megapixel size in Hi ISO mode which further quashes image quality into a much softer affair.


Nikon L100 sample image – Normal (10MP) vs Hi ISO (3MP) scene 

Perhaps one of the most exciting things that comes bundled in the Nikon L100’s box is the Panorama Maker software. Often in-camera panorama stitching (as offered by many other manufacturers) can provide results that look decent on a small screen, but in reality the threading is a bit of a pig’s ear at full size. The L100 avoids this problem as the Panorama Maker assembles truly convincing mergers with seamless joins in a matter of seconds.


Nikon L100 sample image – stitched panorama (using software provided)

Nikon L100 Value For Money

With so many cameras on the market, you want to know that dipping into your pocket for a penny under £240 is going to bring the goods. The Nikon L100 delivers on the superzoom front and at a reasonably low price when aligned against its competitors. But £240 isn’t just pocket money, it’s a serious whack of cash.

The AA batteries certainly won’t be for everyone either (not that there’s a choice) – but what happened to the rechargeable li-ion battery? Whilst some may enjoy the option of using rechargeables or buying new batteries for immediate power-up, that all comes at extra cost over time and helps nobody if the shop’s closed…

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