Canon's ever-popular PowerShot G series see major changes in both the LCD and sensor configuration, but does it do enough to justify it's substantial price tag? What Digital Camera puts the Canon PowerShot G11 through its paces...

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Canon PowerShot G11

Overall score:92%
Image Quality:95%


  • Timeless design, excellent image quality, vari-angle LCD one of the best of its type


  • Viewfinder too small, crowded back-plate, soft shutter release


Canon PowerShot G11 Review


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Canon PowerShot G11 review

The DSLR market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, mostly towards entry-level models. It seems as though fewer people are content with entering the world of photography at the basic point-and-shoot level, instead wanting more from their camera and aspiring to a higher level of photography. This growth isn’t solely restricted to entry-level DSLRs, however, with advanced compacts also seeing more first-time buyers.

The emergence of the smaller Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GF1, are seen by many to fit this requirement well, however they remain relatively new pretenders to the throne long ago assumed by Canon and its G series. The new PowerShot G11 is, in defiance of sequential numeration, the ninth incarnation in  Canon’s respected G series. The combination of full manual functionality, a distinctive, rugged build and burgeoning specification has made the G range often the first choice for people who are looking for a more portable companion to their DSLR set-up. Not only that, but the G series, more often than not, offers such quality that consumers otherwise looking for an advanced offering will often spurn a DSLR in favour of the latest ‘G’.

The new G11 features the reintroduction of a vari-angle LCD screen, as well as an important adaptation of sensor technology – rather than increase megapixel count, as has been seen on every G series model to date, Canon has instead opted to reduce megapixel count by nearly a third compared to the G10. The result, says Canon, is a sensor that’s vastly improved in low-light conditions. So does this claim ring true? And what exactly does an advanced compact offer that enables it to justify asking for nearly 600 of your hard-earned pounds?


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