With 10megapixels, Smart Auto mode and image stabilisation, is the Canon IXUS 95 IS the ultimate entry level compact? The What Digital Camera Canon IXUS 95 IS review takes a look...

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Canon IXUS 95 IS

Overall score:90%
Image Quality:90%


  • Excellent auto flash, good macro mode, viewfinder, well exposed images, easy to use, Smart Auto, Image Stabilisation


  • No full manual mode or focus, viewfinder is approximate to view, ISO 1600 is noisy, limited lens range (wider and longer would be an improvement)


Canon IXUS 95 IS Review


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Performance, Image Quality & Value

Canon IXUS 95 IS review – Performance

The IXUS 95 IS is a good performer, relying on its Auto and Smart Auto modes for best effect. Scene modes take a back seat as Smart Auto will detect backlighting, faces, low light and other scenarios and adjust all settings to fit appropriately. It would seem this automation is the future for compact shooting.


The IXUS 95 also has a rather special macro mode – and not least due to its 3cm from lens capability, but the way it pairs so seamlessly with the onboard flash. Many compacts fail to correctly meter for flash and, as a result, will over expose images, particularly in daylight when attempting fill flash. Not so with the IXUS 95 IS – turn the flash on and it will successfully illuminate subjects even if they are just a mere number of centimeters from the camera. A very nice touch indeed, and a great compliment for macro photography. Of course, as it’s only a relatively weak flash, it wont hammer large bursts a long distance – but its still a top performer for a variety of situations.


Whilst the IXUS 95 IS does have a fairly limited zoom range, with 3x optical zoom providing 35-105mm, it’s ample for most scenarios. A number of competitors’ cameras will offer wider lenses at a similar price point, which sadly lacks from the IXUS 95. Beyond the 3x optical zoom, the IXUS 95 IS also offers a 12x digital zoom – though this is probably best left avoided as, whilst shots may look great on screen, they will lack detail on your computer or in print (best leave the cropping as a post-production option).

Switching between preview and playback to readying yourself for shooting is achieved with a simple depression of the shutter button, or by pushing the playback button on the back of the camera. Or, should you want to shoot multiple frames, the 1.4 frames per second continuous shooting option is available (only in Auto mode by bringing up the options via the Function button). It’s possible to shoot at 1.4fps until the card is full.

The IXUS 95 IS also offers a number of in-camera colour options. Starting with standard colour, there are vivid alternatives, black & white, sepia and some additional creative controls. The in-camera black and white is rather flat and full of mid-tones, but provides a realistic conversion.

Canon IXUS 95 IS review – Image Quality

Following suit with other Canon IXUS models, the IXUS 95 IS takes accurately exposed, well-balanced images. Depending on which metering you opt for there’s a positive tendency for the entire frame to be well exposed, whether using flash in the mix or not – ideal results from a compact camera.

The IXUS 95 also offers an ISO 80-1600 range which, for the most part, provides very clean images with little noise. Certainly ISO 80-400 sensitivities are excellent, with ISO 800 a good performer, though ISO 1600 is fairly noisy and colour becomes muted – though it’s still useable overall. Most, if not all, compacts suffer from similar results at higher ISO settings, so for the IXUS 95 to maintain such smooth, fine-grained images at the lower ISO settings shows its strength.


The IXUS 95 IS has a 3x optical zoom lens which is on par with many other compacts for sharpness. Lens limitations and a small sensors will often fail to generate strikingly sharp images, and whilst the IXUS 95 is very much in the same boat here, results are fine for small enlargements, or sharing on the interweb. There are some chromatic aberrations to the edge of the image, but nothing to cry about as, at this level, the component quality of all image quality elements makes for very strong images overall.

Canon IXUS 95 IS review – Value For Money

Ah, the price… Whilst many have suggested the IXUS 95 IS is a little overpriced, it only takes some shopping around to produce some appealing price points. A list price of £220 is immediately chopped to around the £200 mark in the shops, further trounced by the internet where it’s a sintch to find offers from reputable sellers from as little as £164. At that price, given the all round ease of use and quality, it’s a sure fire bargain.

The Canon IXUS brand continues to remain strong, and with the new cleaner, curvier design it’s a more aesthetically appealing bargain that wont disappoint. Whilst some may be looking for a wider lens with a longer zoom range, this will likely mean putting the IXUS 95 on the shelf and pumping some more pounds in the kitty for a different model. As this is an entry level, the Canon IXUS 95 IS provides all the point and shoot prowess you could hope for at the price point.

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