Live View compatibility added to remote control unit

The Zigview S2 was launched way back at PMA in 2007, but now its manufacturer has decided to deliver an updated version.

The Zigview is basically a hybrid between a remote control unit for your camera and a viewing device, which allows you to see what you can see on your camera’s viewfinder but on a large LCD screen.

The new launch adds compatibility with the Live View facility on some DSLRs – so the LCD screen will take the image straight from a camera’s AV port – ensuring what you see on the screen is what the camera is framing.

The manufacturer adds, however, that if your camera doesn’t have Live View, there is a separate camera head available to buy, which can fit to the camera’s viewfinder.

Features for the LCD screen itself include the ability to adjust its brightness, to change images from colour to black and white, and to rotate by 180 degrees.

The Zigview S2 Live inherits the remote control features of its predecessor including interval shooting and motion sensing.

Intro2020, which is distributing the device in the UK, adds that it is compatible with the Canon 450D, 40D, 1D Mark III, IDs Mark III, the Nikon D3, D300, D700 and D90 as well as the Sony Alpha 350 and 300.

Visit the Intro 2020 website for more information.