FotoDiox has released the WonderPana Freearc System that allows circular and square filters to be affixed onto ultra-wide angle lenses

The range includes three round 145mm filters: a circular polarizer, as well as an ND and a UV. The WP66 square mount allows for mounting a selection of 6.6-inch square filters, which includes hard and soft ND grads.

Image: The Wonderpana square mount affixed to a wide-angle lens

Interestingly, the Freearc system allows the square grad filters to be rotated to any angle. It  can also support multiple filters being mounted simultaneously, including combinations of square and round.

Fotodiox says the mounting system will also be able to support select products from filter manufacturers Lee and Cokin.

The company has released a Youtube video that explains the system in a little more detail:

You can find out more about the new systems by visiting the Fotodiox WonderPana Freearc website. The prices are in dollars, but they’ll ship internationally, so if you’re shooting UWA landscapes it may be worth thinking about investing.