Online image presentation service, has released a plugin for Adobe Lightroom2, allowing professional photographers to deliver presentations with ease and a smooth delivery workflow.

Photographers that use Adobe Lightroom2 can now export their images directly to and create professional online presentations instantly from their Lightroom2 library. Viewbook’s new plugin for Lightroom2 connects the two popular hi-end photo applications and combines professional photo-editing and management with quality online presentation and image delivery. 

With the Viewbook plugin it’s possible to export selections of photographs from the Lightroom2 library straight into new or existing Viewbook albums. At export, Viewbook automatically creates two sizes for web and converts the photos to sRGB for optimum display in browsers. The originals are stored untouched and can be used for visual hi-resolution client delivery. Photos in Viewbook can be simply added to portfolio’s, to project sites or promotional widgets in a few easy clicks. 

Viewbook is a unique online portfolio service that is unmatched in its ease of use, sophisticated interface, and practical feature set. Designed for and appreciated by photographers, designers and graphic artists alike, Viewbook allows visual creatives to be organized, and present and deliver their work simply and stylishly. Viewbook’s features also extend to presentation creation and client delivery, as well as online image archive and flexible presentation formats. In short, Viewbook offers accelerated workflow to users – and over 20,000 members can attest to its appeal. 

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