Previously-announced version 2.0.3 now available

Canon has announced the immediate availability of the firmware update version 2.0.3 for its popular EOS 5D Mark II DSLR.

The update covers five enhancements to the movie function, as well as a fix to the manual sensor cleaning function.

Amongst the enhancements to the movie functions are a range of alterations to frame rates, a function for manually adjusting the sound recording levels, a histogram display in manual exposure movies and a change in audio sampling frequency.

Shutter priority and aperture-priority capture modes have also been added, while an issue with camera and lens communication has also been fixed.

For full details on the firmware update and instructions on how to install, visit the dedicated firmware page.


UPDATE 18/03/10 – Due to issues with the update, Canon has suspended all downloads until further notice. Visit the announcement page for more information.