Festival of Photography and World Travel set to start in September

Travel Photographer of Year has announced the opening of the Photography and World Travel Festival in September this year. A series of ‘How To’ seminars and instructional events will take place over three days, with speakers such as Steve Bloom, Jeremy Hoare and David Noton. 

The talks will take place in the Royal Geographic Society, starting from the 25th of September, and covering such topics as street photography and a lecture on Machu Picchu. On the 2nd of October Wildlife photography takes the fore, with wildlife, aerial and landscape photography amongst the topics. Finally, on the 16th of October, reportage and portrait imagery is explored. 

For a single day’s attendance the cost is £55, where as for all three the price is £140. Discounts are available for Royal Geographic Society members and students. For more information head to the Travel Photographer of the Year website.