Visitors to the London Eye during July and August will be able to view over 75 winning and highly-placed images from the 2005 Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

Visitors to the London Eye during July and August will be able to view over 75 winning and highly-placed images from the 2005 international Travel Photographer of the Year competition (TPOTY). The free exhibition, located on the concourse at the base of the London Eye, is billed as ?a colourful and fascinating glimpse of this planet seen through the eyes of talented amateur and professional photographers from around the world.?
For those inspired by the images on display, TPOTY judges, professional photographers Chris Coe and Nick Meers, are running a series of photography courses at the London Eye to coincide with the exhibition:

This one-day course will guide participants through the process of photographing cityscapes, buildings, architectural detail. The main attraction is learning about low light photography in the city and how to cope with different light situations and light sources producing shifts in colour balance. After a short session indoors participants will head out on a shoot in the city and they will have the opportunity to view and photograph the city from the London Eye.

These two one-day courses cover the process from digital imaging from image to output. The first day is aimed at those just getting started with Photoshop whilst the second day is for more advanced users with experience of digital imaging software. Participants will be tutored by Photoshop expert Terry Steeley.

The courses cost £140, £150 and £170 respectively.
Chris Coe and Nick Meers are also running a ?Cotswolds Summer School? series of two-day photography and digital imaging courses at Farncombe Estate, Broadway in August.


PHOTO BRIEF – 20th ? 21st August 2006
Aimed at photographers who want to earn a living from stock or commissioned photography, this two-day course goes through the process of shooting to a brief and editing images.

NATURAL LIGHT, SHOOT FILM – 22nd ? 23rd August 2006
Aimed at film users, this course covers the benefits of using film and shows participants how to get the best out of it.

SHOOT ? EDIT ? PRINT – 24th ? 25th August 2006
Nick and Chris will guide participants through the imaging process, covering everything from taking the picture to arriving at the final print, including: image composition; camera craft; critiques; editing and selecting images; image manipulation for photographers; optimising images for print; printing.

THE WOW FACTOR – 26th ? 27th August 2006
This two-day course is all about how to compose images and how to create impact. During the course Nick and Chris will train the participants? eye to see images differently, to understand how they’re composed.

Further information on TPOTY photography courses can be found on or by emailing