Sony has released details of two new additions to their ever-expanding DSLR range in the forms of the Sony A290 and Sony A390. Both models are aimed at the beginner end of the market, in a similar area to the likes of Canon’s EOS 1000D and the Nikon D3000.
Both offer a 14.2MP CMOS sensor, with the major difference between the two models being the A390’s tilting screen, which also has Live View. The Sony A290 is smaller and lighter but misses out on both Live View and the tilting screen. 
Both are very similar in terms of design, offering a new grip and button layout compared with their predecessors. As that was one of the major criticisms of the previous models it’s no real surprise that Sony has decided to tackle this by reducing the amount of buttons and increasing the grip size. Sony has also continued the dual SD/Memory Stick compatibility, which certainly makes perfect sense as the majority of the Sony A290 and Sony A390’s rivals support the SD format. One missing element from both models is HD video, a feature Sony seem reluctant to include in the DSLR range.
With the NEX-5 grabbing all the headlines at the moment, and being priced at less than a number of beginner DSLRs, it will be interesting to see if Sony eats into their own market share. Needless to say the Sony A290 and Sony A390 are twice a big as the NEX-5 in some areas, although many of the functions will be easier to access.
We expect a first look preview at both cameras soon, so keep checking for more details.

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