DSC-W520 joined by the IPT-DS2 and new SDHC cards

Sony has followed up the releases of the HX9 and HX100 compact superzoom models with the IPT-DS2 auto-shooting dock, W520 compact and a range of SDHC cards. The release of the W520 comes after both the W510 and W530 were announced at CES, and sits somewhere between the two specs-wise. 

With a 14.1MP sensor and 5x optical zoom there’s plenty to entice the beginner, especially as the expected price should be between £90 and £120. Sweep Panorama also makes an appearance, as does a 25mm wide-angle lens.

The IPT-DS2 is the replacement model for the original PartyShot, which is an automated dock for compatible cameras. It allows the images to be taken whenever the camera detects a smile, or to shoot a Sweep Panorama image. The new incarnation also has a touch sensitive panel for instant shooting.

Finally a new range of SDHC cards have been added under the Expert Series moniker, and are of the Class 10 specification making them capable of up to 22MB/s read speeds.

For more information on the Sony product go to www.sony.co.uk.