The CLM-V55 comes as an unexpected, yet exciting, new release for Sony’s Alpha series. As video modes become more prevalent in DSLR cameras (and indeed SLT cameras in the case of the A33 and A55), the variety of accessories available to cater for videographers’ needs is ever-growing.

The CLM-V55 is a 5in screen that attaches to your video-capable Sony Alpha (A33, A55, A560 or A580) via the hotshoe and is then connected via an HDMI cable from camera to device. In order to provide a real time preview there will be a firmware release to allow for full time streaming from the HDMI out port – and this is particularly interesting as it won’t solely influence the use of just the V55 device. Imagine, for example, you wanted to feed a real time live preview to your HDTV or other enabled device, then this should now be possible via this update.

The V55 screen is powered by its own individual Sony M-series battery and comes with a shielded hood to stop excessive light glaring in use. The neck is a swivel-bracket meaning there’s plenty of room for fluid repositioning of the screen as seen fit.

What’s possibly even more exciting is the ability to connect headphones using the 3.5mm mic jack for live in-ear monitoring while recording. This certainly ups the ante to push Sony’s already impressive DSLR movie modes that step further should you be looking for an affordable yet high-level and fairly complete video setup.

To the right of the screen itself is a control wheel that doubles up as a selection button and can be used to adjust a variety of screen display options: it’s possible to change in-ear monitoring volume, screen brightness, contrast, colour temperature (three presets), view highlight clipping (Peak), magnify, adjust aspect ratio and lastly adjust the screen brightness using a five-level gauge.

It’s not fully confirmed that the CLM-V55 will see release in the UK as yet, as the US SRP is $399, but we’re certainly hopeful that this great video accessory will be internationally distributed. More info as and when we have it…

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