mars and the moon align at 9pm tomorrow

Tomorrow night offers the perfect opportunity to test out your DSLR skills as Mars will be at it’s brightest within a frame’s distance from the moon, allowing a standard zoom lens to capture the action.
Although the planet is 62 million miles away a digital camera such as a Canon EOS 450D and Nikon D5000 could easily snap the event with the correct lens attached. Astronomical photography doesn’t normally offer opportunities outside of using a telescope attachment to shot such an eye-catching sight, so this offers a perfect chance to set up a tripod and try your hand at shooting the night sky.
Pick a very long exposure time and a small aperture, and try shooting multiple exposures. A remote release is advisable to prevent shifting the tripod, and the head should be firmly locked into position when the shot is framed. Be sure to pick an area with as little light pollution as possible, such as a park, and wrap up warm if outside for lengthy periods. Look to the skies at around 9pm, and be sure to upload the image to our gallery to show off your newly acquired astrophotography skills!