New Sigma SD1 46MP DSLR will be priced at u00a36,199.99

Sigma has announced details of the new SD1 DSLR, which will offer a 46MP cumulative resolution utilizing a three layer X3 sensor. With 24 x 16mm dimensions this new CMOS chip represents the largest sensor Sigma has produced. The Dual TRUE II processor will accelerate the processing of the images, with a DDR III buffer offering up to 7 RAW images in succession using the 5 fps burst mode.

Although the resolution looks incredible on paper, especially for a DSLR with an APS-C seized sensor, it’s worth bearing in mind that the SD1 uses a similar system to previous Sigma models. The sensor is layered, meaning the light is only captured by three 15MP sensors, with one capturing red, one blue and one green. This system is unique to Sigma, and has produced some impressive results in the past, so we’re looking forward to witnessing first hand how the increased sensor size will affect the images.

Elsewhere a magnesium body, 77-segment metering system and built-in vibration reduction should appeal to the advancing amateur and aspiring pro, although the lack of both Live View and HD movie mode puts the SD1 at something of a disadvantage to the likes of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D700, both of which are at a far lower price. Of course the end quality may well justify the price, so keep checking What Digital Camera for a first look. 

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