Promises capacities up to 2TB

The SD Association is promising to revolutionise the memory card biz with a new format that could see capacities up to 2TB made available to consumers.

The new format is called SDXC and was announced at the 2009 International CES tradeshow.

Says the SD Association, the format will ‘dramatically improve consumers’ digital lifestyles by providing the portable storage and speed needed to store weeks of high-definition video, years of photo collections and months of music to mobile phones, cameras and camcorders, and other consumer electronic devices’.

As well as providing up to 2 terabytes storage capacity, the format accelerates SD interface read/write speeds to 104MBps although there are plans to boost this to 300MBps in the future.

The new format follows the arrival of SDHC cards and can store 100 HD movies, 60
hours of HD recording, 17,000 ‘fine-grade’ photos or 4000 RAW images.

Now we just have to wait to see which camera manufacturers will make their models compatible with the new format.