2TB capacities promised and 60MB/s Interface Speeds

Sony and SanDisk has signed a deal that could see Memory Stick memory boasting 2TB capacities on the shelves in the future.

Following on from the SD Association’s announcement of the new SDXC format, which will also boost memory capabilities to 2TB, SanDisk and Sony has promisednot one but two new formats which they claim ‘will shape the flash memory landscape for years to come’.

The first is the currently clumsily named ‘Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity’ which expands the Memory Stick PRO format series to 2TB, which is 60 times more storage capacity than the Memory Stick PRO format’s 32GB capacity limit.

Next is the ‘Memory Stick HG Micro’ format, which is promised will enable a maximum data-transfer speed of 60MBps, which will make it one of the fastest-smallest memory card formats to date.

‘SanDisk and Sony share a long collaborative history of developing products and technologies that enhance user experience and provide direct benefit to consumers,’ said Yoram Cedar, executive vice president, OEM and corporate engineering, SanDisk.

‘Both companies have enjoyed great successes with the Memory Stick PRO format in the past, and we are sure that the expansion of these formats to improve capacity and performance will be quite compelling. This technology provides a framework for us to develop products that will significantly impact mobile and consumer electronics markets.’

We’ll bring you more details on when the first of these cards will be commercially available as soon as we have them.