Samsung has added to the current range of cameras with two LCD screens by unveiling the ST600 and ST100. Both offer a DualView mode, which allows users to frame up shots, display images or play short animations for features such as a countdown timer. Also launched was the PL 200 compact, which is aimed at consumers on a budget after a high-spec camera.

The ST600 and ST100 are very similarly specced, differing only slightly in the realms zoom length and available colours. Both have a 14.2MP sensor, digital and optical image stabilisation and 5x optical magnification although the ST100 starts at 35mm, as opposed to the ST600 which starts at 27mm. The rear LCD screens are an impressively large 3.5″, and the front versions are 1.8″ giving plenty of space to frame for a self portrait.

Extra functionality has now been added to the front LCDs to allow for a touch to activate them, as opposed to via a menu option in previous models. The touch screen also has Gesture Control, which means the likes of a hand movement can advance the images in playback mode. Both models offer 720p HD video recording and Smart Face Recognition.

The PL200 is a slim, budget priced camera with some impressive specs including a 7x optical zoom. Although it’s missing out on the dual LCD feature there’s a 3″ option at the rear, HD movie mode at the 720p quality level and optical image stabilisation.

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