The latest mirrorless, removable lens camera from Samsung offers a slimmed down version of the Samsung NX10, with a 14MP sensor and 3″ AMOLED screen. Much like Panasonic offer the GH1 and GF1, the Samsung NX100 is a rangefinder-style model that is more compact than it’s DSLR-style sibling.

The design of the Samsung NX100 isn’t the most significant element relating to the NX100, as one of the more innovative additions is the i-function lens. This adds a function button to the lens, meaning the likes of shutter speed and ISO can be altered without touching the camera body.

A 720p movie mode is also present, insuring some impressive video quality, as well as full manual controls. The ISO can be pushed up to 6400, and there’s a number of Smart Filters to create post-shooting effects such as soft focus.

The design is the most striking element of the Samsung NX100, which is slim and slender compared to the NX10. The body is devoid of the majority of controls, and the compact frame is small enough to stow in a small camera bag. Although there isn’t a viewfinder to speak of there is a 3″ AMOLED screen, insuring the preview is both sharp and well lit.

A few lenses are expected in the new range, including a 20mm pancake, offering the i-Function. Although an RRP has yet to be announced we expect the price of the Samsung NX100 to be at the lower end of the Hybrid range. For more information go to

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