Ricoh has launched the CX5 compact, which makes a couple of improvements on the CX4. The most significant aren’t external, as the body and zoom have barely changed, instead offering faster AF and improved internal processing to cope with the likes of digital zoom.

The focus times have now been reduced to 0.2 seconds at the quickest, which is half the time of the CX4. Also included is a Super-resolution setting, which aids the likes of digital zoom in improving the end result. It should allow the camera to extend the 28-300mm to 600mm with minimal impact on image quality. 

Elsewhere the differences made are quite minimal, as the 10MP CMOS sensor and 10.7x optical zoom are the same as those appearing in the CX4 as is the LCD. Previous history has shown the changes between CX models has been slight, but doesn’t prevent the camera from producing impressive results as the CX4 showed.

The CX5 also offers 720p HD video and up to 5 frames per second in the burst mode. The CX5 will be released at the end of Feb for 259.99, more info can be found at

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