To supplement the release of the TZ8 and FT2, Panasonic has also released the DMC-ZX3 and DMC-TZ10. The former is a slim compact with HD movie capabilities, while the latter is a stills/video hybrid with a massive 16x optical zoom.

Serving as an upgrade to the ZX1, the ZX3 bumps up the megapixel rating and little else. The compact has the same 8x zoom lens starting at 25mm and a 2.7″ LCD. Upping the megapixel rating may seem old hat, but as Panasonic rarely misstep on the optics front the results will hopefully be up to spec. Optical Image Stabilization has also received an upgrade, further reducing the possibility of motion blur at the top end of the magnification.
The DMC-TZ10 is a slightly different prospect, boasting a 16x zoom lens and GPS. With the same AVCHD movie mode as the ZX3 the TZ10 is likely to entice those after a hybrid device to replace an old camcorder and compact in one.
Both offer the Intelligent Resolution system, which applies further sharpness or smooth edges via intelligent post-processing. This looks to further enhance edges and add graduation where needed, much like an unsharp mask in Photoshop.
Both cameras are an interesting prospect, with the ZX3 being a basic upgrade to the ZX1 and the TZ10 adding more of a movie focus to proceedings. With the Micro Four Thirds system seeming to take precedence with both Panasonic and Olympus it’s gratifying to see them return to compacts and make some improvements to the existing line.


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