Panasonic revealed four new FS series Lumic compacts today.

The slim-bodied FS37 and FS35 feature a newly developed 8x optical zoom with

28mm wideangle and Mega OIS

stabilisation. Comprising 3 aspherical lens elements the new optical promises

outstanding image quality.

Both cameras are fitted with a 16.1MP sensor and Venus

Engine VI processor, but the FS37 has the additional benefit of a 3inch Smart

Touch Screen intelligent LCD with Touch AF, Touch Zoom and Touch Shutter

(features previously seen on the G2 and GF2 MFT cameras).

The FS18 and FS16 feature 4x optical zooms and Panasonic’s

Intelligent Resolution technology, which enhances image quality by

automatically detecting and selectively processing outlines, textures and gradations.

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