Nikon Coolpix P300 compact now able to attach to spotting scopes via FSB-8 bracket

The high-end Nikon Coolpix P300 compact camera is now able to utilise a spotting scope as a telephoto lens via a bracket. The FSB-8 attaches to the tripod mount of the camera and can be attached to a microscope or field scope, although only Nikon models have been mentioned as able to connect to the camera.

There are a number of adjustment screws to insure there’s no vignetting in the final image and a long cable release to prevent camera shake. Although they may not offer the same focal length as a telescope spotting and field scopes can be of use for wildlife photographers, especially those snapping images of birds and other easily disturbed animals. 

The FSB-8 bracket costs £119 and will be available next month. For more information head to