Infra-red Triggerbeam Pro Kit can be connected to camera's remote trigger socket and used to a range of up to 30 metres

Image: The full TriggerBeam Pro Kit – IR receiver, IR transmitter, stakepods, weatherproof covers, metre cable, jack adapter, IR baffle

Flaghead Photographic has announced the TriggerBeam Pro Kit for photography and video from TriggerSmart: an infra-red beam device that can set a camera to capture images or video the instant the beam is broken.

The IR beam range is around 20 metres in daylight and up to 30 in darkness. The minimum time between beam breaking and triggering is 20 milliseconds. The TriggerBeam Pro can be connected directly to a camera’s remote trigger socket or to the MCT-1 control unit.

The kit as packaged consists of one IR receiver and one IR transmitter, as well as various cables and accessories including two weatherproof covers.

The transmitter is powered by three AAA batteries, the receiver by two AAs. Flaghead says that with good batteries the kit can last up to sixty hours.

The TriggerBeam Pro Kit is available now, priced at £118.80. For more information visit