The Panasonic FT10 is a 3m waterproof, 1.5m shockproof and freezeproof to -10 degrees C compact camera that also offers 14MP stills. The HD movie mode and 4x zoom make the camera versatile when it’s being tested to the limits, and the mega optical image stabilizer should help to provide sharp images when the temperature drops.

Much like it’s predecessor, the award winning FT2, the FT10 looks to combine robustness with decent image quality and the kind of handling which should insure that an image can be taken easily in trying conditions. Unsurprisingly the aesthetics haven’t changed to any huge degree, offering a blocky structure with a metallic frame. The lens utilizes folded optics to keep the width to a minimum, and then seals them behind an extra layer to keep any particles from scratching or damaging it.

The Intelligent Auto mode means the user needn’t worry about changing settings when shooting, and the 720p HD movie mode gives the option of movies as well as stills. As the FT2 came top in our recent tough camera group test by combining better than expected still quality while retaining the ability to withstand being frozen, dropped and drowned plenty is expected of the FT10. If the handling is slightly improved with larger or easier to press buttons and the image quality is also improved upon the FT10 should be a winner.

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