A kind of megaphone for flash, the Rogue Safari Flash Booster is optically engineered to boost DSLR pop-up flash

Image: The Rogue Safari Flash Booster, attached to a Nikon D5100

ExpoImaging says the Rogue Flash Safari Booster is optimised for use with lens focal lengths over 100mm.

The Rogue Safari attaches to a camera via the hotshoe and doesn’t require batteries. ExpoImaging says it will provide 60-90% of the light of the largest accessory flash, at a significantly reduced cost.

Image: A diagram showing the effective range and boosting power of the Rogue Safari

The Flash Booster is designed for use with entry and mid-level Nikon and Canon APS-C DSLRs. ExpoImaging says that while it works with the majority of models, it isn’t compatible with a few older DSLRs such as the Canon 10D, 20D and 30D.

A complete compatibility list is available on the ExpoImaging site, here.

Image: The Rogue Safari weighs less than 8oz, so is well-suited for travel

The retail price for the Rogue Safari Flash Booster is $34.95 (£21.96). The ExpoImaging site ships internationally, so head over there to find out more.