Apple has announced a new operating system, Lion, which integrates a number of the features available in the mobile iOS service into the desktop system. One of the most significant is the appearance of further gesture controls, so tap and pinch, which will both be familiar to iPhone and iPad users, are now available in Mac and Macbook form.

Page turns are also possible with a swipe, although all gesture controls will need a compatible trackpad. Full screen app functionality, which has already been seen in Aperture 3, is now widespread across all programs in Lion. This will make the likes of photo editing far easier to perform as well as organizing images.

Mission Control merges a number of elements, such as Dashboard and Expose, showing every open app in a simply laid out space.

Versions should also be of interest to photographers, as it keeps older copies of files to revert to, working in tandem with the autosave function to give users the chance to pick the saved version they’d like to revert to.

The app store, which has appeared in previous versions of OSX, is the only place to purchase Lion at this point. For those with slower internet connections this could present an issue, as even an upgrade will be fairly large. The latest version of Snow Leopard is also needed to make the upgrade, so be prepared to splash out more than the £20.99 to update.  

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