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Tiger Book Launched

donates 25% to tiger conservation

19th April 2010 for immediate release

Cardiff based multi award winning professional wildlife photographer, TV presenter and
conservationist Andy Rouse is proud to announce the publication of his latest self-published book.
Entitled “Tigers, a Celebration of Life” the book donates 25% of its profits to tiger conservation in
support of the International Year of the Tiger. Printed to the highest standards, the book is a visual
treat as well as being highly educational and providing a great window into the life of this elusive
cat. The initial launch of the book has already donated over £3500 to tiger conservation projects and
we hope to donate much more.

Andy Rouse says “This new book has been a labour of love and is the culmination of 8 years work. I

have self-published this book at my own expense simply because no publisher would allow me to

make such a significant donation from the profits. Tigers need our help. Their population is now

down to a few thousand and I cannot just sit back and watch these magnificent animals fade into the
night. The book contains my best tiger images to date (including several award winning images from the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year) and is written to educational and inspirational. It’s a personal journey through my life with tigers and I have tried to capture the feelings and emotions behind each image in the accompanying text.”

The book begins with sections on a tiger’s life and some personal experiences from Andy Rouse during his time working with wild tigers. For budding tiger photographers there is a section on how to get great photographs and for tiger tourists there is a section on where to see tigers and some tips to make the best of the experience. Finally there is a an extensive conservation section with two superb conservation essays from the Zoological Society of London’s tiger expert, Sarah Christie.


APRIL 19 2010

The book is priced at £25 for the standard edition and £89 for the special Collectors Edition (with
a choice of two limited edition prints, a £25 donation to 21st Century Tiger and presented in a
superb slip case). Signed copies of the book are only available from the Andy Rouse online store at . Additionally unsigned copies of the book can be purchased from the
National Geographic retail stores in London and Singapore and from Amazon. Donations from the
sales of the book will be made at regular intervals and will benefit 21st Century Tiger, Freeland
Foundation, Phoenix Fund, Panthera and the EIA. All of these organisations make a difference to
wild tigers.


1) Signed copies of the standard and collectors editions are only available from the online store at

2) Andy Rouse turned professional in July 1999 after a successful career as an IT consultant. Since
then he has appeared in his own TV series Wildlife Photographer, made numerous other appearances
on TV (including the National Geographic Channel), won 7 BBC Awards in 5 years, 3
Nature’s Best awards and 3 European Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. His iconic
images continue to sell worldwide and he has lectured far and wide to thousands of
photographers and naturalists. As a serious conservationist Rouse has started his own
conservation fund in partnership with Paramo Directional Clothing Systems that makes donations
from their own profits. In 2010 he has a 10th anniversary show tour visiting many venues around
the UK.

3) For up to date news on the exhibition please check out the Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography
Fan Site on Facebook – the link is
4) For all press enquiries please contact


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