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The skills of the world’s best photographers and video operators are brought together by Manfrotto in an innovative on-line platform

The end of March will see the launch of a new online tutorial platform called the Manfrotto School of Excellence, which will allow users to log on and access the experience and know-how of the world’s most famous photographers and videographers.

Featuring: Bill Frakes, Roberto Bigano, Joe McNally, Ami Elsius, Drew Gardner, Joe McNally, Marc de Tollenaere, Kristoff Ramon, David Duchemin, Jim Oltersdorf and Cliff Guy.
The Manfrotto School of Excellence promises to be a quality resource covering all aspects of modern photography and videography. It will focus on the most interesting topics and latest features in the sector: video and photographic equipment, techniques, the use of light, and post-production processing.

The platform will offer a series of free training sessions of varying difficulty (from beginner to advanced level), designed to add to the knowledge of all enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike. It is just the thing for those who wish to take their skills to the next level and satisfy demanding customer expectations, or for hobbyists who want to pick up some tips to implement in their own creative world.

This educational initiative is supported by Manfrotto, a brand of Vitec Group plc,  as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The school is promoting the quality and outstanding performance of brands like Manfrotto, Gitzo, Litepanels, Lastolite, Elinchrom and Kata Bags (to name a few), who are partners in this venture and provide the basic tools used by the school’s featured professionals every day.

People attending the Manfrotto School of Excellence can choose between a number of different training sessions – web seminars, video seminars lasting 30-45 minutes each, and tutorials in video or editorial format. Attendees can also sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest news, read the experiences of our professionals through their blogs, or online chat directly with featured professionals during the lessons to ask questions or receive explanations.

This learning opportunity will focus on the most popular areas of photography and video-work today – portraits, still life, news photo/videography and documentaries – for fashion, advertising and the traditional publishing trade.

Method and knowledge, human sensitivity and aesthetics – the Manfrotto School of Excellence embodies the culture and all-round approach to capturing excellent images both in terms of technique and form, but also communication, art and emotion.

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