Snap as you swim

Here’s one for anyone out there who wants to escape the cold and wet for sunnier climes – Liquid Image has designed three waterproof masks that incorporate still and video capture facilities.

According to Photography Press, the three VideoMasks are going to make a splash at CES this week, and are upgrades of the original mask that was launched last year.

The first new arrival is the VideoMask 310, which records video at 30fps and still image up to five megapixels – all hands-free.

Priced $159, and set for release next month, the 310 mask allows snappers to record life under the waves down to depths of 10m and content is stored on MicroSD or SDHC cards up to 8GB in capacity, or you can use the mask’s 16MB of internal memory.

Next up is the Scuba Series HD320 mask, which adds HD video recording capabilities and also diving down to 35m. In addition, it offers 64MB of internal memory as well as support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB (which equates to 16 hours of video footage).

This is priced $215 whilst the final launch in the trio is the Liquid Image Pro HD350 VideoMask, for which the price is to be confirmed.

This will work at depths of down to 100m and is set for a Spring launch.