Introducing the JumpDrive TwistTurn and JumpDrive Retrax

Lexar Media has created two new flash drive designs – the JumpDrive TwistTurn and JumpDrive Retrax.

Both of the designs eliminate the need to have caps to cover the USB connectors – the TwistTurn instead twists out, whilst the retrax, well…, retracts.

Both flash drives come in a variety of colours and are available in a range of capacities from 2GB up to 32GB.

They are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Apple OS X operating systems, and feature a simple plug-and-play design.

The drives also sport an LED activity light that blinks during data transfer, so users know when the job is done.

Lexar adds that for Windows-based users, these new JumpDrive flash drives come pre-loaded with a free 30-day trial of Dmailer software, which transforms the drive into a personalized PC on the go.
It is also worth mentioning that the drives have a two-year limited warranty and will be available in March. There are more details on the Lexar website including where you can buy them, but we do not have UK pricing as yet.