Prosumer compact the Leica X1 recieves AF speed, manual focus controls and ISO display

Leica has released an update for the Leica X1 pro compact in the form of the new 2.0 firmware. The most significant addition is undoubtedly the increase in speed of the auto focussing which, as pointed out in our review, was one of the cameras major flaws. The other improvements are;

Improved manual focusing, with the focus screen showing the image based on an open aperture

More accurate manual focusing with finer steps, when scrolling slowly with the click wheel

Two manual focusing speeds for more accurate and faster MF operation

Manual focusing lock now available

Enlarged manual focusing scale display

Depth of field scale displayed in manual focusing mode

Manual focus settings retained in memory when camera is switched off

Improved autofocus speed in low light conditions and with low contrast subjects, in particular when shooting multiple

shots of the same subject

ISO setting is displayed in Auto ISO mode

Improved JPEG image quality

For more information head to the Leica website.