All available from JP Distribution early next year

Lastolite has announced a new range of lighting accessories offering everything from brackets to reflectors to softboxes.

First up is the new MegaLite, which is a large collapsible 180x120cm (6×4 inch) portable
softbox and silver reflective panel. It can be used as a floor standing
unit or in conjunction with Lastolite’s new adjustable stand with
wheels. The stand enables the photographer to raise the softbox up to
105cm (42” inch) from the floor and rotate the angle of the
softbox/reflector from vertical to horizontal.

The softbox is £189.99 and the MegaLite support with wheels is £49.99.

The second new softbix is the KickerLite which is a low level 35 degree angled softbox which, at
120x90cm (3×4 inch) is claimed to be ideal as a fill light to bring out
the detail in shadow areas. It is £134.99.

The third launch is the Lastolite UpLite 4:1 which is designed for ‘photographers who work alone and need to
support a reflector at an angle on the floor to bounce light up into
the subject’, explains JP Distribution.

It features two 120x90cm (4×3 inch) double sided reflectors which attach together to form
a hinge on one side and on the opposite side an adjustable support
bracket attaches to create a ‘wedge’ shape. The bracket can be used to
adjust the reflector angle from 30 to 90 degrees.

A black waterproof cover is
also supplied to protect the reflective surface touching the floor when
the UpLite is used outdoors.

The UpLite is available in two different versions: UpLite ‘Cool Tone’ (White, SoftSilver, Silver and SunLite reflective surfaces) and the UpLite ‘Warm Tone’ (White, Silver, Sunfire and Gold reflective surfaces) – both of which are £134.99.

Also available are the new TriFlash bracket and TriGrip Stand Clamp.

For more information, visit the JP Distribution website, and to view a gallery of pics of the new kit, hit here.