New cameras, camcorders and a digital photo frame released at CES

Kodak has started the year with a number of new launches covering both the still and moving image genres as well as a picture frame to display the results. The Pulse frame offers social networking tools to upload and comment on images, where the three new cameras; the Mini, Touch and Sport, offer features related to their model name.

Unsurprisingly the Mini is the smallest of the three, with a 3x optical zoom and 2.5″ screen as well as simple controls and a sub-$100 price tag in the US. The Touch offers a 3″ touch sensitive screen, 5x optical zoom and 14MP sensor, not to mention the 720p HD movie mode. Finally the Sport can survive in 10 feet of water, is dirt, dust and sand proof and can shoot 12MP stills.

The two video cameras cater to opposite ends of the spectrum as far as usage is concerned, with the Playfull being aimed at occasional shooting for social networking uploads and the Playsport being a shock, dust and waterproof camera for the more extreme sport-inclined shooter. Both have 1080p HD video quality and can take 5MP stills.

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