Print straight from your phone

According to gadget website, Pocket-lint, Kodak has created an iPhone application that will let you upload pics to its gallery straight from your phone.

Imaginatively called the Kodak Gallery iPhone App, as well as supporting uploads, the tool also offers easy access to the gallery so they can view their existing pics. Snappers will be able to view their whole Kodak gallery as well as looking at their pics in a slideshow.

Kodak adds that iPhone owners will be able to share their gallery pictures with people who are in their iPhone contact list.

“There are millions of iPhone users out there and we are thrilled
to offer an easy and convenient way for them to upload new pictures,
show off their existing Gallery pictures and relive their favourite
moments on the go,” said Victor Cho, General Manager of Kodak Gallery.

The Kodak Gallery application is available free from Apple’s App Store.