A new compact with 3.5inch LCD and 24mm wide angle lens has been launched: the Panasonic FX77

The new Panasonic FX77 compact combines a number of high end features in a slim, small body. In spite of the pocket-friendly nature of the camera there’s a 3.5inch LCD screen and 24mm wide angle lens as well as the ability to shoot HD videos.

The Panasonic FX77 follows the FX70, which had a similar list of features, although manages to be even slimmer. The 3.5inch touch screen allows direct access to the AF and shutter release through a simple tap, as well as the menu functions. Video functionality is of the Full HD, 1080p variety using the AVCHD codec as oppossed to the AVCHD Lite seen in previous incarnations.

Image resolution is at 12.1MP from the new hi-speed CCD sensor, which allows for 3.7fps at full quality. There’s also optical image stabilization for the 5x optical zoom and an Active mode which surpresses blur when the camera is moving, such as walking while recording video. 

The Panasonic FX77 should be released in March, with a price still to be confirmed.