Addition to DCCS Remote Release System

Hama has announced the launch of a new IR Remote Trigger as an addition to their DCCS Remote Release System.

The IR Remote Trigger system features a receiver and transmitter – the pair are placed opposite each other, with up to 5 metres distance separating them, and thus creating a photoelectric signal. The photoelectric sensor is battery powered for extra freedom, and connects to the camera via a separate extension cable broadening the range of use.

The IR Remote Trigger is suitable for any camera featuring an electric remote release connecter, whilst also offering the following adjustable parameters –

  • Continuous shooting compatible with program, semi-automatic system and manual settings
  • Long exposures on bulb setting
  • 4-second timer release controls

A host of interchangeable camera connections, remote triggers and extension cables are also available as forst of the DCCS System range.

The IR Remote Trigger is available now with an SRP of £79.99. For more information, visit Hama online.