New Beamr Video optimisation technology reduces streaming video bitrate by 50% without compromising on quality

Image: The new Beamr Video site, where you can download a free trial of the software

The media compression team behind JPEGmini have unveiled some exciting news. Their latest invention, Beamr Video, promises the ability to stream HD video at unprecedented speeds without any perceptible loss in quality.

Not only that, the H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video streams that are device agnostic, meaning they can be accessed from any consumer device like a smartphone or tablet, and with any media player, without the need to install new software.

Launched at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam, Beamr Video features new optimisation technology that reduces the bitrate of video stream by up to 50% without affecting quality or altering the format.

The technology uses algorithms and encoding methods so new that their patents are currently still pending. The Beamr Video site claims that 44 patent applications and four years of R&D went into the new technology.

In a statement, Sharon Carmel, founder and CEO of Beamr, said that the firm is solving the ‘bandwidth bottleneck’, providing the same reduction ratios for current H.264 streams as those promised for future video codec standards.

‘4K resolutions represent the next step in high-definition video, but until now providing content in this new format has posed daunting technical challenges. Beamr Video has figured out how to reduce the massive footprint of video files, so they can be distributed efficiently and cost-effectively,’ she said.

You can head over to the Beamr Video site now to have a look for yourself.