GE 100, GE 1410SW and GE J1456W unveiled by GE

GE has unveiled three new compact cameras, including a bridge camera with a 15x optical zoom and 14MP compact with a 10x optical zoom. One of the most significant additions is the Aptina A-Pix sensor, which will offer a faster burst rate and HD video recording capabilities.

The GE G100 is part of the Power Pro range, offering a large optical zoom in a comparatively small body. Much in the vein of the Nikon P500 and Panasonic FZ45. With a 15x optical zoom and 14 megapixel sensor the specs may not be of the headline-grabbing variety of some of it’s peers, but with 1080p HD video recording and a 3″ LCD there’s plenty for the semi-serious snapper to admire. There’s also a 3″ LCD screen and up to ISO 3200 selectable, with a HDR mode and object tracking rounding out the major features.

The GE E1410SW is a smaller, more tradition compact which still manages to offer a 10x optical zoom and 14MP Aptina A-Pix sensor, giving it the same HD movie and burst capabilities as the G100. Finally the GE J1456W is an entry level camera with a 5x zoom and 720p HD video recording. 

Both the GE G100 and GE E1410SW will be released in October, with the GE J1456W on the shelves in August. For more information on all three models head to the General Imaging website.