Some users of the Fujifilm X10 have experienced 'white discs' under some lighting conditions. Here's what Fujifilm has to say...

Though we haven’t experienced any obvious issues with the X10 in our review, some users have complained of ‘white discs’ appearing in some shots with bright highlights. Please see below for Fujifilm’s response to the issue. As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

“Fujifilm engineers have examined a number of sample shots and have concluded that the camera is working within prescribed tolerances. The blooming issue is something not uncommon to many types of digital camera. It is possible to reduce the effects of blooming either by increasing the ISO or widening the dynamic range on the camera. However, after receiving a number of comments from users, we can understand their concern and plan a firmware upgrade to lessen the effects of blooming. We will announce in due course when the upgrade will be available.”

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