Fujfilm’s S range of superzoom camera’s has received an impressive makeover, with the S1600, S1800 and S2500HD all offering the ability to shoot HD movies alongside new Smile and Shoot and Blink Detection modes.
The 15x zoom S1600 and 18x zoom S1800 and S2500HD all have 28mm wide angle lenses as well, making shooting landscape that much easier. Outside of the zoom the primary differences between the three is that the S2500HD has a HDMI port for quick and simple displaying on a HDTV.
The superzoom, or bridge, camera sector seems to have hit a plateau of sorts, as the falloff of image quality due to the ever-increasing magnifications crippled further development on that front. With all three of the new Fuji models keeping the zoom lengths reasonably sensible there’s plenty of opportunity for some decent photos in theory.   

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