5 new Samsung NX mount lenses – full press release

Full press release:
Samsung Unveils New NX Range Lens Technology Line Up
The NX10’s innovation continues, with the launch of eight new lens technologies
UK – February 20, 2010 – Samsung a market leader and award winning
innovator in digital imaging, today announced a series of new additions
to its groundbreaking NX system lens range, to be released throughout
2010. The original line up of Pancake, Standard Zoom and Tele Zoom
lenses launched with the Samsung NX10 during CES will be complemented
by the introduction of a further five new lenses this year. This will
mean that there will be a total of eight potential lenses designed
specifically for the NX cameras system available during 2010.
lenses have each been specifically designed to ensure that users get
the most out of their photography experience. The NX system’s advanced
intelligent lens technology means it does the capturing so users can do
the creating, providing an enjoyable photography experience every time.
The NX10 boasts a compact, sleek and lightweight design, and with its
leading lens technology it means users never need miss a creative
moment, even in the flash of a second.
Consumer research carried out
by Samsung revealed that camera users want convenient and easy-to-use
features which guarantee value and creative freedom through innovative
concepts. Samsung’s intelligent lens technology ensures users’ needs
are fulfilled through the highest picture quality, while enjoying the
sleek, durable and portable compact camera body of the NX10 thanks to
its mirror-less design. Building on the company’s strong heritage in
performance and innovation, Samsung’s new lens technology is designed
to meet the universal ease-of-use capabilities requested by users.
eight lenses incorporate unique features and designs to guarantee that
the images they produce are easy to create yet still of professional
quality. The lenses have been developed to include specific benefits
which respond directly to consumer needs and desires which were
highlighted in the research.
Consumers reported that they wanted
lenses which are small and convenient to carry, yet still stylish and
iconic. In response to this, Samsung created the Compact Zoom Lens, the
Wide Lens and the Pancake Lens – all of which give users a high level
of optical performance without the bulk of other lenses on the market.
These are ideal for consumers who want a lens they can take anywhere
and everywhere that will complement the compact, sleek and stylish
design of their NX10.
For consumers who are looking for specific
qualities to their shots, be it capturing with a certain focus or depth
of perspective, Samsung has released the Tele Zoom Lens, the Macro Lens
or two types of Standard Zoom Lenses. These lenses feature intuitive
technology, are optimised for picture taking of a professional standard
and are the ultimate in high performance.
Finally, Samsung found
that many people are looking for all-round quality and durability in a
multi-purpose lens which can perform faultlessly in a number of
functions. For this, the Super Zoom Lens is the perfect choice.
were inspired to create new lines of cameras and lenses that would
change the way people think and feel about photography. This could only
be achieved by ensuring all of the NX10’s components represented an
intuitive and harmonious design and capabilities to meet the needs of
our customers,” explained Steve Mitchell, General Marketing Manager,
Samsung Digital Imaging. “We know from our detailed research that what
consumers want from their cameras is evolving – they’re looking for
compact and stylish products of a high performance, while retaining a
focus on value. We’ve reflected these demands throughout the
development of our lens technology for the NX10 and forthcoming NX
He added: “Samsung has always been quick to implement
cutting-edge technology, and the development of our lens technology
ensures that the highest image quality is guaranteed, and always within
reach of all our users. Our continued commitment to improving the
imaging experience of our users is a number one priority – we don’t
want our users to just capture images but create their own unique
stories. The Samsung NX10 represents a whole new category of digital
cameras and the new offerings within our lens line up will ensure our
users feel empowered to unleash their creative side and integrate
camera technology into everyday life, in their own way.”

Pancake Lens
(Jan 2010) 30mm F2
Standard Zoom Lens
(Jan 2010) 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS
Tele Zoom Lens
(Jan 2010) 50-200mm F4-5.6 OIS
Standard Zoom Lens
(H1 2010) 18-55mm F3.5-5.6, Non OIS
Compact Zoom Lens
(H2 2010) 20-50mm F3.5-5.6
Wide Pancake Lens
(H2 2010) 20mm F2.8
Super Zoom Lens
(TBD) 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OIS
Macro Lens
(TBD) 60mm F2.8

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