Sensor and lens testing facility score the new Nikon V1 and Nikon J1 CSC cameras

Nikon’s two recently released CSC models, the Nikon J1 and Nikon V1,
have been tested by DxO labs. By running the sensor through a number of
rigorous tests the J1 and V1 have been given comparable lab scores
against the likes of the Panasonic GH2.

The results are extremely
interesting, with the likes of dynamic range and colour depth doing well
but the low light performance lacking. The V1’s closest rival
price-wise, the E-P3, also outperforms it on the ISO stakes butis poorer

Comparing the J1 to the Panasonic G3, one of the
closer price-based rivals, the J1 scores exactly the same in spite of
doing similarly poorly in the ISO stakes. We’re expecting a review model
any day now, so watch this space for our verdict.