Version 4 and 4 Pro of Phase One's package now available

Colour Confidence is now selling Phase One’s Capture One 4 and Capture One 4 Pro software packages.

The software is designed to allow photographers to load RAW files direct from their DSLR
camera to their computer for ‘fast image editing and enhancement’.

The software is also claimed to suport ‘best-in-class’
conversion to JPEG or TIFF files delivering ‘fine details, accurate colours and virtually no noise’.

Capture One version 4, which is £76, offers exposure and contrast correction, sharpening and noise suppression tools, black and white conversion and digital banding suppression.

For photographers who want more, there is Capture One 4 PRO, which is £230 and adds the option of tethered shooting direct to a computer with Phase One digital camera backs and a range of Canon cameras. Other features include image setting and colour profile application at time of capture, lens cast calibration, multiple simultaneous working sessions as well as lens correction tools including vignette control and sharpness fall-off.

You can buy both packages now from the Colour Confidence website.