Casio has brought new thinking to camera design with the introduction of the Casio Tryx TR100 compact. It features a rotating outer frame design which enables users to flip out the 3inch touchscreen LCD from the centre and swivel the body into numerous shooting positions. The frame rotates 360 degrees vertically and can act as a tripod for shooting on a table, or hang from a hook. The LCD screen also can rotated 270 degrees horizontally for easy self portraits.
The touchscreen LCD features Touch Shutter technology, enabling users to touch an area of the frame to instantly focus and take a picture. Inside, the Tryx houses a 12.1MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor paired with dual core processors and Casio’s high speed Exilim HS engine for optimum image quality and performance from the 21mm (equiv) fixed focal length, fixed focus lens. Other features include an HDR mode and HDR Art function to produce ‘artistic effects’.

The Casio Tryx TR100 will be available from April and is expected to cost £249.

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