The Blurb Ebooks for iPad editor allows you to add video and audio to your book creations for the first time.

Blurb has announced a new version of its ebook editor that allows users to add video and audio to create a multi-dimensional storytelling experience on the iPad.

Designed as a complete platform for anyone who wants an easy way to create, share and sell print and digital books, the new version of the ebook editor has been carefully thought through to include more visual forms of media. 

CEO and founder of, Eileen Gittins says ‘We have effectively turned digital storytelling on its head. You’ll get the familiar structure and narrative of a book, plus the freedom to add multimedia to create a richer, non-linear storytelling experience. Contemporary storytelling like this embraces the way we live our lives today, capturing and consuming media in multiple formats, wherever we go. Plus it’s quick and easily shared with an audience.’

Blurb also gives authors everything they need to share and sell their book easily. Blurb’s authors receive free promotional tools and can sell their books through the Blurb bookstore. What’s more, Blurb will help ebook authors submit their work to the Apple iBookstore for free.

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