Apple has launched Aperture 3, the latest version of its popular and powerful photo editing and management software.

The latest version of the software boasts over 200 new features, including Brushes, Faces and Places functionality. The Brushes tool allows the user to paint image adjustments on to large sections of the image, while Faces and places tools build on the Apple iPhoto feature in speeding up the process of organising your images.

A range of new slideshow functionality is also offered in Aperture 3, allowing you to connect photos, audio, text and HD video in a seamless work.

Aperture 3 is available through the Apple Store and is priced £169, or £79 for upgrade. New users can also try out Apeture 3 via the Aperture 3 download from the Apple site.

For more information, see the Announcement by Apple.

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