See the winning photographs from our animal photography competition

The winners of the animal competition have now been announced. The winning photos that will be printed in a future copy of What Digital Camera are as follows…

First place: Nosy Cows, by Richard Sheppard

Nosy cows

About Richard: “I live in Malvern and work as a medical equipment service engineer. I’m 51, Married with three kids. Been taking pics since I inherited my dad’s Zenith E in the late 70s (although I did have a Secret Sam camera when I was about 9…). I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to subject matter – I like to experiment. My first proper digital camera was an EOS 300D which I bought just after they came out. I’ve stuck with Canon since but have no preference over any other make. I’ve taken and published on the web at least one photo a day for nearly four years – with no breaks!”

Richard wins a Nikon P7000, and 10 copies of the magazine that will feature his winning image.

Second place: The corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus), by Piotr (Peter) Szczepaniak


About Piotr: “I’m 39 years old. I live in Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland. I’m interested in every kind of photography, from nature to photojournalism – this is just a hobby, but more important in my life every year. I still have film camera and some manual lenses in my backpack, beside the digital stuff – I strongly believe that is no better practice for digital photographer like a session with film camera and manual, fixed focal lenses from time to time.”

Third place: Marbled Reed Frog (Hyperolius Marmoratus), by David Brabiner


About David: “I have long been fascinated with the natural world and it seemed an obvious progression for me to try and express this passion through photography. I first bought an SLR camera about 12 years ago and now, I cannot image life without a camera by my side.  I love nothing more than feeling at one with nature and attempting to capture images to illustrate the magical moments I experience. It also provides me with a valuable outlet from the stress of my job as a hospital doctor.”

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