Membership for Adobe Creative Cloud single-app plans expected to be available to teams by mid-August

Today Adobe announced that creative teams will be able to purchase membership of a single desktop application from its Creative Cloud.

Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere will now be available for creative teams to subscribe to independently, rather than as part of the entire Creative Cloud package.

The single-app plan retains several of the benefits of the full package, such as regular software updates, the ability to quickly edit and share files across a team, and 20GB of cloud-based storage.

Creative Cloud has been a controversial topic since Adobe introduced it earlier this year – remember that petition against it? It managed to garner 37,000 signatures. We ran a poll on our own Facebook page at the time and found that our readers were, to put it mildly, less than thrilled.

Adobe has been adamant in pushing forward with the new model, stating unequivocally that there is no turning back. Creative Cloud is here to stay.

Pre-orders are open now, with availability expected around August 15. Adobe is suggesting a retail price of £22.23 per user per month for the single app package for teams.