It’s Time To Customise Your Camera! – Cleanliness

Step Four

Keep It Clean

You’ll need to clean your kit from time to time in order to make sure it’s in the best working order and to help there’s a range of accessories available to keep your camera spotless.

1 Cleaning Cloth

A microfibre cloth is an essential part of any photographer’s kit bag, allowing you to easily and quickly wipe away grubby finger marks that have found their way onto the front of your lens. If the smear on your lens is more stubborn, you may need some optical cleaning fluid, but look out for those that are alcohol, ammonia and detergent-free to prevent streaks being left behind.

2 Blower Brush

Air blowers are a great accessory to have at your disposal and allow you to blow any dust particles off your lenses, sensor, or other delicate equipment. It’s a dual-purpose item too and can be used for everything from blowing dirt out of your kit bag to removing crumbs from your keyboard! The more blast you want from your blower brush, the bigger you’ll need, but most can be picked up relatively cheaply for under £10.  

3 Sensor Cleaning Kit

There’s a vast range of sensor cleaning products available and one of the most effective and commonly used are sensor swabs. These are specially tailored for cleaning your delicate sensor without leaving streaks, pooling or abrasions and come in various sizes for full-frame and APS-C. Whereas swabs are disposable, Visible Dust’s Arctic bufferfly can be used time and time again to remove dust that accumulates. It’s suitable for use on ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensors and DSLRs with built-in sensor cleaning systems.

4 Compressed Air

Compressed air is an alternative method to using a blower brush to remove dust. A pressurized canister can help shift the most stubborn grime from a camera to make it spotless again, and if you purchase a Dust Vac attachment it’s possible to covert the compressed air to vacuum mode for picking up smaller particles. Ken Air is the leading specialist in compressed air for camera equipment and its Dust Vac kit with a 360ml cartridge will cost around £25.

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